Thursday, January 09, 2003

Slept in - went to work well-rested, happy & productive. Office BBQ went well - minimal effort & minimal fuss. I'm finally starting to get back into the work rhythm. Haven't even attempted to get back into any sort of exercise rhythm, that's next weeks challenge.


Met up with Kat, Ross, Louise & Olivia for a catch up drink with Liv at B Bar that turned into several beers and several games of pool at the Kingo Hotel. Got home just past 11 and slept like a baby, very thankful the cool change arrived.

- Louise rationalising drinking as the method by which you remove old & weak brain cells - mainly so that she could be dumb & happy & move to the suburbs and live out her days in blissful ignorance.
- The decision to put cars on blocks outside the National Museum to give it a more aussie feel. The Sandman would have hydraulics at the back and would bounce at set intervals.
- Louise's Cold Chisel / KISS playlist on the Kingo jukebox: Khe Sanh, I Was Made For Loving You Baby, Cheap Wine, Khe Sanh (again), and Flame Trees. There was another one in there but for the life of me I can't remember it. I'm sure someone'll drop it in the comments.


Hit the Manuka pool for a swim. The temperature was reportedly 34c at 4pm, so the pool was packed. Normally there're one or two lanes roped off for lap swimmers (though why they bother I don't know - it's only about 30m long) but on Tuesday it was a free-for-all; there were kids running around everywhere & having bomb diving competitions while oldies just floated around.

Couldn't sleep as my whole apartment was like an oven, even with all of the doors and windows open & fans on. Went to work Wednesday like a wreck.


Do not watch Kiss of the Dragon, it stinks of ass.

Posted by Dean @ 1/09/2003 07:16:00 pm

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