Monday, January 20, 2003

Stupid Moron Assholes

Even in times of disaster there is still room for the stupid and the assholes to thrive. ABC News reports that a 16yo has been charged for looting and a pair of 22yo's were caught stealing "Road Closed" signs while fires burned.

World Wakes, Asks Where Canberra Is

The bushfires are on the front page of every Australian newspaper and the story is being picked up internationally. They're all taking care to point out that Canberra, not Sydney, is in fact Australia's capital city.

New Hazards

Warnings are now being broadcast telling Canberra residents to conserve water (the threat of sewage contamination looms) and to watch out (more than usual) for confused & injury animals, particularly Kangaroos, on the roads.

Posted by Dean @ 1/20/2003 07:27:00 am

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