Thursday, February 27, 2003

Catching Up

They've been a couple of hectic weeks, but not the sort that give me any great stories to tell.

On the weekend before last I picked up an ex-government PC at the markets & have been tinkering with that ever since.

Last weekend the gang had intended to go to Tropfest but Mother Nature intervened. In the end the threatening rain didn't eventuate, but we picniced in the pub & moved on to the Kingo for pool. I also managed to get everything ready for Dirty Bob's P party this weekend as well as pick up a couple of Treasures catalogues from the National Library. I'm pretty happy about getting those; I read about the book sale at the NLA by chance and because the original print run was sold out when we slept out to see the exhibition.

This week I got to see an old uni friend who was down from Sydney. Dinner in Manuka followed by kicking back in front of the second whacko jacko special; a wierd end to an excellent catch-up night.

I also got to indulge in another hobby - music docos - yesterday when I went to see Standing in the Shadows of Motown. If you like Motown music, get to whatever cinema is still showing this before you miss out. It's all good; I picked up the soundtrack today & from Heat Wave (feat Joan Osborne's vocals) I was hooked.

It was also good to see Norah Jones get a few (well, five) nods this week & better to read that she didn't really care about 'em.

Posted by Dean @ 2/27/2003 10:01:00 pm

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