Tuesday, February 11, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night was meant to be quiet; I was meant to be helping people pack boxes and move on Saturday, but when I got the e-mail I knew attendance was compulsory. Beers at the local, thai dinner and more drinks around at B Bar. The beers, the wine and the scotch went down ok, but I had to do that rapid breathing like I was in labour to keep the Soviet Ice Bomb from bouncing.

Saturday morning flew by; one minute it was 8am, the next it was 9.30 and my phone was ringing. The rest of the day was long & hot. Don't take that as a complaint; a job needed to be done so we got in & did it. Moving house always involves a lot of crappy little tasks and it's always easier to share the burden. It's all worth it once the move is done. Had a short break at home before heading across the lake to the new place where the beer & pizza christening soon turned into a flash party with fire-stick twirling, loud music and beer raids on the party down the street. The new occupants also got to meet some of the neighbours; it's easy when you just yell out "Hey you, come to our party."

Sunday was a quiet recovery day with Cliffy throwing a flash BBQ with all of the newly defrosted meat & plenty of beer, wine and cheeses. The evening was spent on a faux-date seeing 8 Mile which was ok, but I'm sure I'd have gotten more more out of it if I knew who all the cameos were (there were lots judging by the credits).

Posted by Dean @ 2/11/2003 10:02:00 pm

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