Monday, February 03, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-up

With my two immediate superiors away for the week I was in control of the team for the week and what a week it was. I really earned my easy public sector money last week I can tell you. So Friday was a quiet night in; I caught up with James & Erica for a pint, grabbed some japanese takeaway & watched Death To Smoochy which turned out better than expected.

Saturday was cleaning day. The afternoon was spent resting before the This Beats the Hell Out of Hospital - First Anniversary Dinner. Louise & Kat were kitchen goddesses & taught me how to make some kick-ass pasta and I made a salad and got dessert ready. We dined leisurely, got through several bottles of red and a bottle of sticky. The scotch came out halfway through the evenings poker and blackjack games. It was sooooo much better than being in hospital.

The clean-up the next day was painless. The pain kicked in when I called home & Dad told me that for the first ten days of our family NZ trip we'd be all together in a campervan. That's right, four adults in close quarters for ten days driving up the west coast of the south island. I love my family, but ten days in close confinement with four of them will surely test all of our patience.

Sunday arvo was spend fighting for my reputation in the second test of World Test Match Petanque in Green Square. Louise & I managed to take the title from Cliffy & Tyson, but were beaten in a close game by Charlie & Kate. I returned home beaten but with my dignity intact to watch an NHL game - Calgary v Dallas (pretty lacklustre game improved with a scuffle after full-time) - with James before kicking the weeks ironing to the kerb in front of Seven Years in Tibet which looked & sounded great but took almost as long to watch.

Posted by Dean @ 2/03/2003 08:34:00 pm

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