Monday, March 03, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-up


Shot out to Belco after work for a few last costume bits & pieces for Saturday night's P party. Got back into Kingston around 8 and ran into Mike, Gen & Justin in the Filthy's beer garden & decided on the spur of the moment to spend the night with them. A couple of drinks were followed by a Thai dinner & a relatively early night.


Spent the day arranging and burning a couple of discs of music (one audio & one mp3) for the P party - neither of them worked.

The P party was a bunch of fun. After successfully managing - surprisingly - to keep it under wraps for the weeks leading up to the party, the costume was revealed to instant recognition. I was pretty happy about that; happier still when I won the prize of a bottle of Port.

I'm told there were three or four parties in the area that night; I only made it to two of them. When the P party started to wind down I wandered up the road to the M party which was rocking. As always, as soon as Lisa saw me she was off into the kitchen to fetch a cup of the thermonuclear punch she and I share many petrol jokes about. I returned to the P party to find about a third of the people left, some of whom were passing out on the loungeroom floor. When I say - then lay - down on the floor I knew it was time to call the cab for home.


The punishment was fully deserved. I'd been stupid enough to mix drinks - beer, Pimms & lemonade, CC Club & dry mixers, beer, punch - and my body did its best to tell me about it. The rebellion started in the stomach & moved around the body for most of the day. Some of the rebels knocked out part of the immune system long enough for a cold to take hold; nose wouldn't stop running all day.

Around lunchtime I pulled myself off the couch & forced myself to walk to Manuka to quell the cheeseburger urge. Wandered around some of the shops, picked up a book & wandered home. The afternoon was spent watching a couple of movies that workmates had lent me but I hadn't gotten around to in the months I'd hda them; Breakfast at Tiffany's - which struck me as a pre-Pretty Woman Pretty Woman - and Dark City - which I thought was good up until the end.

The day wound up with an excellent dinner down at the Burrow where Louise whipped up some vietnamese-style seafood soup and some rice paper rolls. Entertainment came in the form of a high-speed car chase and search that got us all running out into the courtyard to watch half a dozen patrol cars circle a couple of blocks looking for a kid who'd apparently stolen a car from the carpark of my apartment block & was wanted for a number of other car thefts. By the time the dinner party wound down they hadn't found him...

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