Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The Week In Review

Tuesday - Thursday

From Tuesday arvo to Thursday lunchtime I had one of my sisters come & visit. On Tuesday night we had dinner at home with a mate who she knew from Brisbane, then we all went up to the pub to play some darts & just hang out.

On Wednesday I took the day off to show her around a bit. Given that it was the winter break for the pollies, we skipped Parliament House and walked along the lake to the National Gallery, where we wandered around for a couple of hours. We discovered a couple of spaces upstairs in the Gallery that I'd never knew about. There was some really surreal stuff, both images (painted and photographed) and sculpted. The one that's stuck with me is a series of sardine cans, the tops of which had been cut into various trees and plants; the insides of the tins were sculpted into sex scenes. The explanatory card said it had something to do with how the plant classification system worked (dividing them up according to whether they had male or female characteristics). One of the girls (I can't remember if it was Kat or Louise) remembered an apt quote "If there's one it's shit; if there's ten it's art."

After the Gallery we wandered down to the part of the National Portrait Gallery that's been moved down to Reconciliation Place & looked at a photographic exhibition called Proof. After that we were a bit cultured-out, so skipped the National Library and walked into Civic for some lunch. We also stopped in at one of the camera shops to see if the old 35mm SLR I'd found was salvagable & worth getting serviced & put to good use. Alas it was not to be, so it now sits next to my Grandfathers old Box Brownie on the camera shelf of my bookcase.

Wednesday night was spent introducing my sister to some of my Canberra friends, to some Kingston venues and to the Kingston drinks the Soviet Ice Bomb and the Suspected Terrorist. The night was a bunch of fun, but in retrospect following one shot combo with another is never a good idea.

Thursday morning saved us with recovery breakfasts in Green Square before heading out to the airport. It was a really good visit. I'm really happy that she came and I'm really happy that she got along with the gang that came out with us.

The french tute on Thursday ran as usual. I couldn't remember the numbers one to twenty, but I did manage to find a wierd cheese to try; it had wasabi in it. I also knocked off three quarters of the bottle of red that I took because no-one else was drinking it. That, combined with the Scotch, Suspected Terrorist and Tequila shots, meant I was a tad suboptimal come Friday morning. Coffee and a decent breakfast kicked the badness away before I got to the office.

Friday - That 70's Party

I should've listened to my instinct to stay home & have a quiet night in. It's always a risky venture throwing a party and mixing groups of friends. As it was the party turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The dress-up participation rate was pretty low and pretty much everyone there was all cliquey; Robbie's friends talked to each other and Liv's amateur theatre friends performed for each other. Gillians workmates were a bit more talkative, but I think that was because we knew them from the pub. I had a much better time chatting with Andy and with Charlie / Christian talking about getting his freak on in every way imaginable. What I couldn't get my head around at the time was how a girl who'd been really friendly and chatty when she came to look at the spare room now didn't even acknowledge my presence and actaully shoved past me without a word at one point to get to her handbag - I guess it was a good thing she decided to stay put if she's the type who's only friendly in order to get what she wants. Meh. I cabbed back into Kingston and commiserated with Carla at the pub before grabbing a steak burger at Mike's Munchies van and wandering home.


It's hard to get your soccer freak on when you only get a 5-person turn-out. In an attempt to get attendance numbers to the point where we can have a decent game it's been decided that soccer now starts at 1pm. So if you'd like to come have a really casual kick-about on a Saturday, come on down to the Telopea Park school oval. The rules are flexible & you don't need any protective gear or boots because it's low impact soccer.

Saturday night we got our Christmas in July freak on, formal style. Black tie dress, random secret santa presents and an excellent dinner (seafood starter, roast mains and many many bottles of plonk) made it a memorable night. Dancing, romancing, singalongs, group spas and hitting Lot 33 at 3am all contributed to knocking me for six come Sunday morning. I vaguely remember getting into bed around 4.30 and not surfacing until around lunchtime.


It took me pretty much the whole day to recover, but for the amount of fun the previous night the pain was worth it. In the evening, Paul & I headed down to Woden for T3. Seriously think about waiting for rental for this one. It was really average.

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