Sunday, December 07, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-up


Got ready for 2004 to be the year of naval adventures when Snewy, Cliffy & I saw Master & Commander. It's worth seeing in the cinema, just make sure the cinema you go to doesn't come with the live commentary from the row in front that talks about the ending. Doubled-up on high seas adventure when I got home with The Hunt for Red October.


Temporally disoriented. Up hours before normal weekend time for an appointment - threw routine out, so consequently actually got a lot of domestic stuff done.

Late-afternoon drinks at the Hyatt. Had committed to seeing the Canberra Community Orchestra with Annabelle, Brenton & Cliffy, but when we got there it was more expensive than we'd anticipated, so we went up Red Hill & watched the sunset because Annabelle hadn't been up there. The rest of the night was spent at the Kingo playing pool. Cliffy & I started games well, but A&B always caught up and stole victory in the end.


Woke up at 4.40am for no apparent reason. Took advantage of the time difference and called James (over in America) for his birthday. Disappointingly, there'll be no 'Dude Day in the USA' this year - a bit of snow's gotten in the way. Hopefully it'll be ok for his NY trip next week.

Couldn't get back to sleep after the call, so continued the nautical theme with Mutiny - a Hornblower telemovie.

Spent the afternoon with Cliffy, Annabelle & Brenton. Walked down to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Australians in Hollywood exhibition, then back to the pub to rehydrate and plan out next weekend.

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