Sunday, February 22, 2004

Super 12 Rugby - Round 1 - Don't Count Your Chickens

On a whim I joined a couple of tipping comps for this Super 12 season this week. Part of me wants to see how well I can do with limited background knowledge of the game & the teams, as well as learned advice and analysis of open source information. Part of me wants to see if I can beat Dad. Part of me wants the bar tab at the pub and the iPod on I'd consulted, I was confident in my decisions. It started out so well...

Highlanders v Reds

Tip & reason: Highlanders - Tipped homeland advantage; Invercargill was set to be cold & wet. The Reds haven't been doing too well lately.
Result: Highlanders 39 df Reds 8 - Woo hoo!

Cats v Stormers

Tip & reason: Cats - Flip of the coin due to lack of knowledge of South African teams.
Result: Cats 23 df by Stormers 28 - Doh!

Crusaders v Waratahs

Tip & reason: Crusaders - Had a vague memory that the Crusaders wiped the floor with the Waratahs a while
back. Rugby is the Kiwi's national game, so they should get up.
Result: Crusaders 19 df by Waratahs 43 - Doh!

Chiefs v Hurricanes

Tip & reason: Hurricanes - Another flip of the coin.
Result: Chiefs 19 df Hurricanes 7 - Doh!

Brumbies v Blues

Tip & reason: Blues - A new Brumbies captain & a position shuffle could mean that they'll need a game or two to settle into the new arrangements. Blues pretty good. Didn't factor in weather conditions (38c in Canberra can't have been good for the Blues).
Result: Brumbies 44 df Blues 27 - Doh!

Bulls v Sharks

Tip & reason: Bulls - Another flip of the coin.
Result: Bulls 18 df by Sharks 23 - Doh!

Needless to say I have some study to do before next Friday.

Posted by Dean @ 2/22/2004 06:27:00 pm

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