Monday, May 31, 2004


[Film] "My Big Fat Greek War Epic" was how one IMDB reviewer described it & I agree with them; I wasn't that impressed by Troy. In its defense though, I did have to sit in front of a bunch of young girls who provided a running commentary that only stopped whenever Brad Pitt was on-screen, so that probably darkened my mood a bit (Tangent: What's the collective noun for a group of girls aged 12-14? I think "Giggle" is appropriate.).

It wasn't as bad as Van Helsing, but it wasn't as good as Gladiator nor the Lord of the Rings epics. When the credits rolled for Troy, all I could think was "It's been done, and it's been done better". What got me off-side? The battle scenes (the camera movements were such that you could see movement, but you never got a decent look at it), Eric Bana's animatronic dialogue delivery, Brad Pitt always looking like a kid that'd just been told off, the way the music cues seemed to be all off (music when you didn't expect it, none when you did) and just how did that whole armada land on that tiny beach?

Granted, it wasn't all bad; the city of Troy was pretty damn impressive, it was good seeing Peter O'Toole back on-screen and Diane Kruger's Helen was very watchable.

For a film that was all about achieving immortality, I don't think this is the one that the cast will want to be remembered for.

Posted by Dean @ 5/31/2004 08:33:00 pm

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the WaPo titled it 'the boy toys of troy' and called it the perfect gay date movie. the meal called it the greatest anti-british manboy nipplefest ever. Kinda.

I thought it was a great bad movie: The Fellowship of the Gladiators. I agree about the shitehousely identical CGI'ed greek boats pulling into the beach however. That was simply awful.

Posted by Blogger c @ Wednesday, June 02, 2004 2:27:00 pm #

Urgh... that movie! "What it could have been" was all I could think when I saw it. Some directors can make movies and some can't...

Posted by Blogger Matty @ Wednesday, June 02, 2004 4:31:00 pm #
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