Monday, June 14, 2004

[Life Update] Forgive me reader for I have not posted. It has been two weeks since my last piece, but with good reason. I've been busy with some regular stuff, some irregular stuff.

On the regular side, the day to day work routine & associated domestic necessities and an eBay auction or three have kept me occupied. I picked up a replacement discman (Yeah I know there are better portable MP3 players out there, but units with AM receivers are few & far between), a Wallabies jersey and a Reds jersey (now looking for a Brumbies jersey in Oz - there's one going topside, but I don't want to mess around setting up PayPal or worrying about the US$ conversion rates). Tuesday nights are still Tai Chi nights & every other Monday night I'm down at the markets learning the fundamentals of cooking from a Michelin-starred Chef. Other than that I'd been busy getting music ready for a special party. With several hours now logged in front of the boards at the pub, my darts shot is improving with each game.

In a return to last year's form, the last couple of weekends have seen me get some good solid beatings on the hangover front. The weekend of 29/30 May saw a small contingent log more hours in the regular booth casting the parts of each other in the movies of our lives; John Cusack is to play me, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Biggs also nominated. There was also the dinner at La Dolce Vita that was great until I spotted one of the staff engaging in some digital nasal excavation in the kitchen. Later in the week saw another first date that turned out to be just two hours of nice conversation; no spark unfortunately, so after dinner we called it a night around half-ten. Sources later noted her point of view post-date was that "it isn't love, but worth another date"; that's good for the ego if nothing else.

The weekend of 5/6 June saw the gang get together for my birthday. Spent Friday night in - had a great time catching up with Miss Mils in Melbourne for a couple of hours & conserving energy for what was to come. Saturday night, things kinda stumbled to begin with, but once we hit the pub everything seemed to work itself out. We started with dinner at Figaro in Kingston, where we had to wait two hours for our meals, with naught but the excuse "We have a small kitchen" to explain the delay. Our group was only nine people & if they couldn't handle group bookings they shouldn't have take them. We paid the bill to the cent, hit the pub & headed home at closing, just short of 5am. Getting-to-know-you conversations with friends old & new seemed to be the order of the night; Uberdude Nicwa for one kept drinks flowing and cinematic conversation going (isn't it good when you get to have a really good chat with a familiar stranger - someone you see quite a bit but never really get to know). Another highlight of the night was the kissing competition, which saw T-bone & Cheese running around the pub convincing girls to kiss me for my birthday; the first to 27 (being my new age) would win. The final score was somewhere in the forties and I was declared the winner with the help of a group of 18 year old lipstick lesbians who were very much into practicing with each other.

This weekend saw MissK finally get the big 21st birthday party she never had. The Come As You Were party came about because apparently 30 is the new 20, which made the 31st the new 21st. Everyone had to come as they were when they were 21, so we ended up with a brit-pop punk, a goth, a soldier, a sailor, a nerd, a raver girl, another punk with a shaved head and a couple of student activists. It was both the reason I was busy scouring CD Revolution stores for nineties compilations over the last fortnight & putting playlists together and the reason that I could barely move when I woke around lunchtime yesterday (I think I left the party around 4-ish). Yesterday the hostess declared it the best birthday party ever.


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I'm late, but happy birthday!

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