Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ethics in 'Blogging Survey

[] What self-imposed rules govern the production of your weblog? Do you pinch ideas for content without attribution? Do you care if you get on Santa's naughty list for being mean?

I just got a reminder e-mail from one of the students from the School of Communications and Information, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) who are conducting a study & want to know, so have generated a blogging ethics survey.

This study surveys people who write weblogs (i.e., “bloggers”) to better understand the ethical beliefs that they have and how they apply them to their blogging activities. Using a framework developed from journalism ethics, the study aims to delineate different types of bloggers by their ethical values and practices. It also attempts to reveal a relationship between moral development and ethical beliefs.
The email I received also said that "upon the completion of this study, the survey results will be made available to all participants at The Singapore Internet Research Centre. You can visit the home page by following this link:".

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Posted by Dean @ 2/20/2005 03:00:00 pm

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