Saturday, February 19, 2005

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time

Chocolate Buddha
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[] Two nights and two and a bit days wasn't enough time to continue my exploration of Melbourne.

Being in town on business, I couldn't go bar-hopping too much. Some colleagues & I did check out a few spots in Federation Square on Wednesday night though; enjoyed one of the 124 available beers at Transport before an excellent Japanese dinner at Chocolate Buddha. Both are definately worth checking out.

Thursday night I got to catch up people at the Belgian Beer Garden. Over a few beers, an uncle & I helped out a mate of mine who is trying to get his first book published with marketing ideas. Turning a period drama novel about a great Australian expedition into a comic-romp screenplay & casting anyone who had ever been on the big or small screen in Australia probably didn't help too much.

The Parkview Hotel is pretty good if you're looking for something inner-city where everything's where and works as you'd expect (unlike the Hilton I stayed at in Melbourne late last year). I'll be staying there again.

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