Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Live & Let Live, Dickhead

[Web/Trolls] Don't like a particular TV show? Don't watch it. Get irritated by a certain commercial radio DJ? Don't listen to them. Don't like a particular website? Don't read it. Unless you can't do any better than rely on trolling for content. If you're one of those people, listen to Dr Denis Leary and shut the fuck up.


With the exception of supporting Darp's anti-nazi campaign and most good stand-up comics, I try to maintain a live & let live attitude. But anyone who puts themselves out in public will collect a couple of detractors. There're a couple of people out there who don't like this site for some reason; maybe I didn't rub their egos the right way once upon a time, I don't know. It's sticks & stones stuff - disappointing, like when you find out a couple you dislike are going to breed - and generally isn't worth dignifying with a response.

That said, I came across this gem via the visitor logs...

[He] has been reading William Gibson, a writer whose books I thought had only recently been excavated by archaeologists digging through subsoil in search of a clear underlying stratum of Douglas Coupland for sampling and accurate carbon dating, undisturbed by eruptions of older deposits of Tama Janowitz and Brett Easton Ellis.

However, I am forced to consider Gibson's oeuvre in a new light given the forceful analysis to which dno has subjected it. He encapsulates the reading experience in telling detail, while judiciously weighing up the merits and weaknesses of each book surveyed.

* The first part.
* The continuation.

You may need to set aside an afternoon, but you'll be richly rewarded.

...that deserves a slow clap and a 'Nice work, wanker' for having a go at what were digital equivalents of sidenotes in a filofax. I read it less as "Hey if you like him, check these others out" and more as "He's reading Gibson. I think Gibson is derivative. Look at how well-read I am. Gee, I hope that if I show how smart I am and try to take the piss, I'll gain favour in the court of Her Snarkiness".

Oeuvre? Please. Wonder how long this guy took to type this post with only one hand.

If you've come across anything else lately worthy of a Slow Clap Award (something that comes off more of a wanker that whatever it was they were attempting to mock), drop a comment.

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