Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Photography and Privacy in Australia

[Photography] The Standing Committee of Attorneys-General has issued a discussion paper entitled
Unauthorised Photographs on the Internet and Ancillary Privacy Issues
. It's worth a read - especially by those who like taking their digital cameras out & about and those using photo sharing sites - and the discussion points will no doubt start to be debated on Australian photography fora soon if they aren't being already. Submissions are being accepted until 14 October 2005.

Summary of Discussion Points

(1) Should the taking of unauthorised images of children be restricted, giving consideration to the competing interests of privacy versus freedom to take photographs in public places? and
(a) If so, what form would those restrictions take; and
(b) What exceptions, if any, would be required?

(2) Should the use or publication of unauthorised photographs/ images taken in public places be regulated?; and
(a) If so, what is it about the use that makes it worthy of regulation?
(b) What types of ‘use’ should be regulated?

(3) Should consent be required for photographs used for particular purposes?

(4) In the event that an offence to deal with unauthorised photographs on the Internet is considered necessary, what features should it contain?

(5) Should there be some enforceable civil right in relation to the use of your image? If so, on what basis?

I came across the paper via this SMH article.

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