Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Found One

Found one
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A couple of years ago T-bone & Cheese helped me get through an afternoon interviewing potential housemates. In between visitors we'd decided that the jaffle was the most versatile meals the lazy apartment-dwelling single could prepare; with the range of breads and fillings available at your average Aussie supermarket or corner shop there were no limits to what you could create with your Breville.

But, we observed, one could strive for a new level of sloth. What if, we fantasised, there were shops where someone else made the jaffles? The rest of the afternoon was spent workshoping the jaffle franchises we'd start with a lotto win; Jaffles Jaffles Jaffles, Jafflorama, and Captain Jafflov's would all compete in the lucrative jaffle marketspace with jaffles for breakfast, lunch & tea (Apple & Cinnamon in fruit loaf anyone?).

Later that year, T-bone flew west and reported that someone had evidently won the lotto and had beaten us to the punch; he'd found a shop called Jesters Jaffles in Perth. For years the thought of Jesters has had me watching the airfares heading west, but my discovery on the way to Circular Quay this week has rendered that need null & void, for I have found a Jesters store... and the pies within.

The dream lives on.

Posted by Dean @ 2/15/2006 04:44:00 pm

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