Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brenton's Bachelor Party

Brenton's Bachelor Party
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No paintball or pub piss-ups this time around. This weekend was all about fishing, waves and beers around a campfire. For Brenton's buck's party, family & friends spent an excellent weekend camping at Pretty Beach in Murramarang National Park, just north of Batemans Bay. I'm pretty confident in saying a good time was had by all.

It'd been about 12 years since I'd been camping and those school camping trips west of Brisbane hadn't exactly left me wanting more time out bush. The cicadas drove me nuts. Pretty Beach was something else all together. The location, the company and getting back into the surf was all good. This trip made me realise that what my camping history was missing was the beach. I reckon I need to get to the coast a lot more often this year; hope the surfing week at Byron Bay - tentatively planned for September/October - comes off.

Brenton's Bachelor Party
Panorama of Pretty Beach - Click to enlarge.

I'd been looking forward to the absolute darkness and stargazing too and I wasn't disappointed. Without the light pollution of a populated area nearby, the whole sky glowed with a blanket of stars. Unfortunately the longest my camera can keep its shutter open for is 15 seconds which is good for campfire shots, but doesn't capture the impressive Milky Way well enough.

Brenton's Bachelor Party
Some of the stars above Pretty Beach. A better shot of the Milky Way is here.

More pictures are over in this Flickr set.

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