Friday, April 14, 2006

And now, here's Moira

An interesting email hit my inbox this week:

From: Brandon
Date: 12-Apr-2006 10:42
Subject: Toyota 1on1

I just found your Marc Ecko blog entry: and I think you may be of some help to me. I'm reaching out to you on behalf of M80 & Toyota regarding Toyota 1on1. Toyota and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have teamed up to give fans the chance to go one-on-one with icons in the sports (Carmelo Anthony), fashion (Marc Ecko) and music industry (Jermaine Dupri).

Since you mentioned Marc Ecko, I thought that you might be interested in posting the press release or a banner on your blog? You seem like a reputable influencer, so I think you'd be a big help to us.

Please let me know if you're interested!
Brandon, M80 /
M80? Matey? Hmm...what's all that about?
What is an Online Team?
An M80 team is actually a cross between an online team (a group of fans that work together to spread the word about a particular album, artist, movie, sports team, etc.) and a fanclub, but most importantly you don't have to pay anything to join. M80 is where the biggest fans unite. Current Teams work directly with management, record labels and production companies so you will have the power to effect change and promote in a positive way. As a team member, you have the choice to participate in contests and help spread the word and/or sit back and enjoy the team exclusives.
I get to effect change? How? Do I get to choose which songs make it on to an album? Which shot gets used on the cover?
Team Member Exclusives:
Only as a team member will you receive exclusive access to music, videos, team only message boards, images and up-to-date news. Our teams work as an organized online hub where confirmed information and exclusive content are delivered on a daily basis.
Oh, I get to post 'exclusive' press releases and enter contests.
Contests & Giveaways:
Many users agree that the best part of being an M80 team member, are the contests!
Not the superfluous commas?
... All our teams hold several contests, promotions, and giveaways where each and every member has the opportunity to win prizes such as DVDs, CDs, Stickers, Clothing, Autographed Merchandise, Press Kits, Concert Tickets and more!!! As a member you can create the official team web art (web banners & buddy icons), while other members work to spread your art all over the Internet. Other contests include: posting messages, radio requesting, online scavenger hunts, writing reviews, creating your own contests and more. Our contests are not solely to "promote" something. In fact, we do our best to make them as fun as possible for you! As a fan, you deserve it!
I deserve it? I lend my endorsement to something for the chance of a payment? Oh, but they'll be fun? Calling the Hot 30 radio knobs to pump the latest pop?

So I wrote back to 'Brandon':

I am interested. A few questions though:

What sort of car would I get in return for my endorsement?

What sort of car are you getting in return for yours?


But poor Brandon is only following orders, a mere cog in the machine:
Hey Dean:

I wish I was getting a car and I wish I could offer you a car. The best I can do is offer you free gear from any of the three icons of your choosing. If you are interested you can pull any necessary assets from If you post any assets send me a link to the placement and your address so I can deliver your prizing.

Brandon needs to be a tad more thorough in his target research, but while he missed his mark this time, I'm sure he & others like him have bought the souls of enough teen bloggers to make this sort of buzz-generating campaign worthwhile for the agencies running them.

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