Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The arts on the bus go...

Lord Mayor Chief Minister Jon Stanhope wants to move street art off the streets and put it on the buses.

There're some mixed reactions on RiotACT and - surprisingly - none on either the Canberra Graffiti nor Powderbomb fora.

My 2c - this is a great move. I reckon there should be more legit places for visual artists to show their work, if they want to take up the option. That said, finding stencils in unexpected places makes my day and I've read that to some street artists getting just the right placement is sometimes as important as the piece, so maybe some'll take it up & some won't. Maybe it'll be seen as sellin' out to tha man - who knows. It'll be great seeing some new stuff on the way to & from work regardless.

There should be more silos for gig posters too; hopefully they'll put a few up around the inner suburbs as well as maintaining the three in Civic.

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Posted by Dean @ 6/21/2006 05:50:00 pm

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