Monday, June 12, 2006

Long Weekend in Foggy Melbourne - Birthday fest part 3

An extended long weekend. Needed a break & wanted to get out of town. Rob's heading off overseas soon & I'd said I'd visit, so got away south to cold, wet, foggy Melbourne.

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Nothing says tourist like a backpack, so the first thing I did was drop the bag in a locker near the mall. On the advice of the authors of Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne, wandered up Hosier Lane shooting the street art.

Melbourne Street Art
Melbourne Street Art Melbourne Street Art
Melbourne Street Art Melbourne Street Art Melbourne Street Art

Killed a few hours in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Watched some old short films from the last thirty years in Memory Grid then played around with machinima in the Games Lab.

Evening spent in St Kilda. Rob & I wandered down to Fitzroy St in search of food. Found a bookshop & bought three books on street art (Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne, Street Logos and Street Art) much cheaper than I could have gotten them in Canberra. Dined at vego Soul Mama (sibling of Chocolate Buddha); most of the meal taken up looking at the waitress' perfect butt.

Fireplace at Soul Mama St Kilda Pier

Spent the rest of the evening playing pool at Masters. Hands-down the best pool hall I've ever been in. Clean, didn't stink of smoke and all the tables & cues were in good shape. There are phones on the wall by each table; you call the bar and they bring you drinks. Each table also has its own speakers so that you can have the music as loud or as soft as you want it. After the wine with dinner and several beers on call all I wanted to hear was Faith No More's Easy, or as I put it at the time "I wanna hear Easy, but not the Commodore's version, the better one that I can sing along to. You know the one..." but they didn't have it. Perhaps next time.

Pool at Masters Pool at Masters Pool at Masters

Back at Rob's place we watched the first half of the first World Cup football game.


Breakfast at Bigmouth because Leroy was full. Leroy was first choice because apparently they've got the best porridge in the world.

Wandered up & down Bridge Rd shops. Shot some more street art.

Street Art off Bridge Road Street Art off Bridge Road Street Art off Bridge Road

Beers & dinner at The Espy with Guy. Back to Rob's for a night in of movies and England vs Paraguay football.


Breakfast at Leroy. Leroy's porridge isn't bad. Great collection of gig posters as art. Caught up with Uncle Fred at Grocery Bar on Fitzroy St. Rob & Fred talk Melbourne music scene at length.

Wandered up the street to the St Kilda junction to snap the murals and stencils there.

St Kilda Junction Street Art St Kilda Junction Street Art St Kilda Junction Street Art

Into town to grab flowers for aunts and a birthday present for just-turned-14 cousin. Meant to see some good Aussie artists at the National Gallery of Victoria, but time got away from me and I didn't want to miss family at the convent.

Tram out to the Little Sisters of the Poor retirement convent for family day. Got to consolidate visits and catch up with extended family there too, rather than chase them all over town. 87yo great aunt still asking me whether I've heard the call yet. Told her I'm usually out of the pub before they call last drinks. Nuns sang songs from Sound of Music with piano accompanyment. I shit you not.

Visiting Family Visiting Family Visiting Family

Australia vs England rugby at the Prince of Wales. Food at BBNT (Burgers Buritos Nachos & Tacos) and the New York Pizzeria. Interesting burgers and drinks available at BBNT:


Watched a very drunken fight spill out of Area 61 and continue down to L'otel. One guy got bloodied up good & proper and was abusing his mates for not backing him up; the other guys mates had laid into him while he was down. The cops came & took him away.

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