Monday, September 25, 2006

Jack & Bobby

So the ABC rescues The West Wing from Nein, plays out the current series and gives it a short rest before kicking into the new series in November. Why would they take on an audience into politics mixed with family drama and then kick off Jack & Bobby at 11.40pm on a Monday night without any promos?

From the IMDB:

Two brothers, one of whom will grow up to be the President of the United States. From the co-creators of West Wing and Everwood, the story is set in present day, but also told through retrospective interviews with White House staffers and the First Lady.

Faux documentary series from 2049 about Bobby McCallister, the US president elected eight years earlier, and his older brother Jack. Talking head interviews with Bobby's staff are combined with reenactment footage of the McCallisters' teenage years, dealing with a pot smoking mother and typical high school drama. Also explored is Jack's tentative romance with Courtney Bennedict, the woman who would eventually become Bobby's first lady.
Maybe too much high school drama and not enough politics. The pilot's OK so far...

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