Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's 2:54 and the Matrix is paused

Open my eyes after a couple of hours of restless semi-sleep during which the sound of the cars dragging down Wentworth Avenue comes through the walls as if a whale is singing their gear changes and the whine of the noisy PC's fans inspires my brain to replay the sax parts from Dire Straits' Your Latest Trick*.

Get up, get a glass of milk and notice that the small part of Kingston that I can see from my dining room is absolutely still and silent. Not a single leaf on any of the trees outside moves. Stand and watch for an eternity, stillness continues.

I'm not too concerned about it being 2:54 for a while longer, but I have no reason for restless sleep; I'm on holiday at home. With a heap of leave up my sleeve I thought I'd take Tuesday and Wednesday to have a break and take care of some personal admin (rearrange some new furniture, rewire some personal routines, do my tax return, those sorts of things) but I was enjoying sitting around in my PJs til 12 having tea and toast and reading so much that I called the boss & got the rest of the week off as well**.

Only one of the things on my original list of to-do items has come to pass thus far. I've not rearranged any furniture, not done my tax return, not filed or purged the stack of papers on my desk (now in four piles in the dining room). I have kicked off a new exercise program; walked round the lake the other day, swam yesterday***, will swim or gym today and finish it all off with a massage Friday and soccer Saturday.

The distractions? Tea, toast and whatever looks interesting on Digg, Reddit and Metafilter via PopURLs. Dipped my toe in Second Life**** and started reading Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash even though I have at least 10 other options in the To-Be-Read pile on the bedside table.

Today I will go to the Co-op Bookshop at ANU and try not to buy anything. I'll probably have lunch on campus and then wander by 2XX to pick up some more Fuzzy Logic recordings to process and podcast. I really should book my Christmas flights to Brisbane too.

The glitch in the matrix has been corrected; it's 2:55 and a bird is calling. I'll try a second take at sleep.

* - Don't ask me why; it's not the last song I heard on the radio or on Spicks & Specks or anything like that... I'm going to have to buy the Dire Straits Best of and listen to that song to get the earworm out of my head.
** - A coin toss got me the first two days, and I almost let a coin decide for the next two, but then decided that it was what I wanted anyways and just made the call.
*** - Haven't swum laps in ages, arms turned to jelly afterwards. Goggles not such a good idea at the Civic pool; you really don't want to see all the crap that's floating about in there. I still have that chlorine smell.
**** - Big post on that to follow.


Posted by Dean @ 10/05/2006 02:55:00 am

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