Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Sunshine State

7 May 07 - 1745

For a place known as the sunshine state, we haven't seen much of it here in Florida. Sure it's hot & humid, but its been overcast when it wasn't storming.

Getting here on Saturday was a new form of torture; airport security and American Airlines bilingual pre-take-off announcements were a major pain (not looking forward to next weekends flights after that). I'm sure the BA flight had added to my tired & irritable state too; 10 hours with a faulty entertainment system that forced us to either restart or abandon whatever we were watching/listening to several times over. Napped, but not enough evidently.

First impression: Orlando is the Gold Coast on steroids, which could be fine if that's your thing, but it's not mine. This place has been purpose built to get tourists in and bleed their wallets in theme parks, factory outlet shopping and novelty restaurants (I've spotted a Red Lobster too T-bone; it's on my To Do list). The last few days haven't changed that first impression.

I'm starting to wonder if someone's setting up a crime theme park somewhere nearby; the police chopper was doing circuits around here around 4am and the morning news was reporting a car had done some stunt-like flip into a canal overnight, as well as a 10yo on assault & battery charges against a guy and a siege situation. I haven't seen any street crime yet, but I've seen some gangsta-lookin types hanging out near Bargain World...

I had a free day yesterday. Decided to skip Universal Studios - I've been to Movie World on the Gold Coast and didn't have a brilliant time there, so didn't see how a bigger version would've been any better - and opted for Kennedy Space Centre tour. Or I would have if I'd made the 7.45am bus (got to the front desk at just before 9). So my colleague and I engaged in that most American of pastimes: shopping. Orlando has at least three huge factory outlet malls. We hit the one with the biggest Nike outlet. With some cash successfully liberated from my wallet, I walked away with some gym gear and new casual shoes. I'm going to have to send some of the stuff I picked up in the UK back home via the post.

The timeshift is hurting again; I'm getting tired at weird times but no matter when I try to sleep I can't quite do it. Was all excited to see the season finale of the Amazing Race all-stars series and fell asleep in the middle. Saw the start and the end, but couldn't tell you how the winning team won (well I could tell you the last few minutes which were the deciding moments, but I won't spoil it).

Coming Up: A catch-up-from-London post.


Posted by Dean @ 5/08/2007 07:42:00 am

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Oh Dea, I sympathise with you. I hated Orlando with a passion usually reserved for small and smelly dogs. The Kennedy Space Center tour is worth it if you get another chance.

Posted by Blogger Mummy/Crit @ Wednesday, May 09, 2007 4:50:00 pm #
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