Thursday, June 07, 2001

Today a brain-dump and perhaps some back-story.

Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going?

My name is Dean.

I currently live in a pretty nice part of Canberra. I have one housemate who isn't around much, so it's a little like living alone. My neighbours are good company.

I work for a large government department. It (the job) is the reason I moved to Canberra in February 2000.

I am single and petless. My dog Tess (a black & white Border Collie) is with my mother, father & two sisters in Brisbane.

I spend monday and thursday nights at the (only) inline hockey rink in town and visit the gym at work once or twice a week.

I spend most weekends out socialising with friends or at home watching DVD's. I'd like to travel a bit more, but am generally content with the how often I get out of town at the moment. Last weekend I went up to Sydney for a work-friend's wedding.

Most of my friends are related in some way to work.

My current goals are to "get some runs on the board" at work and to decrease my ugly ugly credit card debt. I would like to start learning a language (I'm thinking French) and developing my interests in cooking and photography, but these are less of a priority than minimising spending and clearing away the credit card debt. Once that's done I'd like to get a new pc.

Next time: my interests in more detail


Posted by Dean @ 6/07/2001 01:41:00 pm

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