Sunday, October 07, 2001

Hey boy, hey girl, superstar DJ, here we go!
- Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy, Hey Girl"

I am going to hurt so much in the morning.

It's 2:15am. The Bond cocktail housewarming party over at Yarralumla was a big hit, in fact it's still going. A few guys are trying to herd people into two maxi-taxi's & go into Civic. I don't think people are moving for at least another half hour; a couple of tipsy+ girls are playing Kylie's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" over & over & over again and people are still dancing to it.

M1 decided at 6pm to go as Jaws, and being a lot bigger than I (& thus able to pull it off better than I) I decided to let him run with it & get another character. I ended up going as Elliot Carver, evil media magnate from "Tomorrow Never Dies"; unfortunately I had to settle for R1 in drag as my Teri Hatcher character, Paris Carver.

Met too many people to list & spent the last 45 minutes DJing. DJing is a thankless task, especially when you have to rely on a CD collection with hardly any dance music. Note to self: buy more disco/dance or get a CD burner before the next party.

Posted by Dean @ 10/07/2001 02:32:00 am

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