Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Choose something else

'Twas a cold and overcast Sunday afternoon that saw Louise, Richard and I sitting around Louise's dining room playing a Quidditch card game, a surprising game of Scrabble (FYI - 'neep' is another name for a turnip) and The Game of Life.

The Game of Life is seriously out of date. This game mandates marriage, penalises you for not having children and assumes a long healthy life. Louise rebelled and decided to have a same-sex marriage and an IVF daughter.

It's time for a new version, a version with alternate life choices, recessions and depressions and untimely deaths. Choose to start a dot-com, choose celibacy, choose serial monogamy, spin five & developing a gambling or drug addiction! Suggestions?

Posted by Dean @ 4/30/2002 07:44:00 am

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