Sunday, March 09, 2003

The Weekend Wrap-up

As every student knows, the weekend starts on Thursday night. Mine started with catch-up drinks with C-Ho, Suzie and Blythe. I'd only intended to hang around for one or two, but I was having such a good time catching up over everything and nothing that I joined in on a Tip Top Asian Gormet dinner - all good!

Friday was meant to be the super easy cruisy day; the work crew intended to go to lunch & not come back, but something came up - it always does - so I went back into the office while the others played pool at the pub. I rejoined them later in the afternoon and it turned into a pretty good afternoon.

Spent the evening at Filthy's firstly with James & TJ, and later we were joined by the regular Filthy's crew. While not up to standard capering form, we managed to introduce more people to the Soviet Ice Bomb and occupied the booth by surrounding local playwrites/directors - Tom & Steve - through force of numbers. I doubt they minded too much; I reckon we gave them enough material for their next couple of works.

Oh yeah, and I got a new Medicare card.

Saturday was pretty quiet. Headed out with James in the pursuit of geekiness & found it; more memory for the PC and Dark Reign 2 for only $10 - reaffirming my belief that Revolution is the one of the best shops in Civic.

Posted by Dean @ 3/09/2003 02:20:00 pm

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