Friday, August 06, 2004

Tech Briefs

[Tech] Bits & pieces that've caught my attention, albeit momentarily:


You will have noticed the change in the look & feel of ET; what do you think?

I've changed how archives are accessed and I've tried to get expandable post summaries working, but the link appears on every post regardless of whether I'm using the "< span class="fullpost" >< /span >" tags. If there are any CSS gurus out there who can tell me how to fix it, please drop me a line.


Would you buy a refurbished laptop via eBay?


Lately I've been wondering what it would take to set up an IMDB-ish database for music. Turns out there already is one; AllMusic. Later I came across a Metafilter post that led me to discover how the IMDB came to be.


Is it possible to rip the audio tracks from a DVD and make MP3s out of them? Yes.

Posted by Dean @ 8/06/2004 07:32:00 pm

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