Thursday, September 09, 2004

And now the news

[Media / Tech] When a major event happens what information source do you turn to? In watching the story of today's bombing outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta developing I've noticed a few things & i'll be interested in seeing how the professional media-watchers read the coverage of today's events in the coming days, weeks, months...

In the early stages of reporting the cable news networks have few details to report & will run (almost) any vision they can get their hands on. They'll also trawl through their talent databases & talk to anyone who might have local knowledge or have some experience related to what's going on. Nothing new here. I note 'almost' here because today I noticed that Sky News was broadcasting vision taken from an Indonesian feed that showed some close-ups of injuries and fatalities that are rarely (if ever) seen on Australian news broadcasts.

Almost as soon as the TV & radio stories air, they get written up on the various networks websites & wire services & shoot around the world. Again, nothing new. What's new - at least to me - is being able to watch reporting, reaction and interpretation around the world as postings linking to those news stories go up on discussion sites.

Have a look at this Metafilter post to see how the who, whats, hows, whys & whens get discussed by people who don't have the same sort of coverage of Australian/SE Asian politics & international relations as we get down here.

Watch as an encyclopedia record develops in real time.

Posted by Dean @ 9/09/2004 08:04:00 pm

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Heading into Auckland and then driving to wellington where we will spend a couple days hanging out before flying back. Only 6 days but i haven't been there before so it should be good.

What did you do on you trip?

Posted by Blogger ulysis @ Monday, September 13, 2004 2:18:00 pm #
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