Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hippo Birdie Festival '05

[] Being another year older is a damn good excuse to go out & do something a bit decadent with your weekend...




Went to the pub. Al was back from Naru for a week of R&R, as was Shane (but out of Port Moresby), and later in the evening Capt Randy Roger, T-bone & Cheese came along too. After a couple of beers & wine with dinner, a premature Soviet Ice Bomb prompted an early departure.


Dragged my broken body up the road for breakfast (at lunchtime), then spent the afternoon napping. Watched Vertigo in preparation for the evening's entertainment. Don't understand how it could be considered one of Hitchcock's best.

The evening was spent dining at Cafe Macchiato, before experiencing Phobia at the Canberra Theatre. The press write-ups had made Phobia sound interesting. Borrowing the plot of Vertigo, it's set in the foley studio during the making of an imaginary film. I expected a play and got some weird experimental piece where six performers make a shitload of noise. If I hadn't have just watched Vertigo hours before seeing the play, I wouldn't have had a clue about what was going on. In the end it was a bit too out of the box for my tastes.


Given the proximity of our birthdays, Em & I decided to have a combined birthday lunch adventure. If you like good food and want to treat yourself, head out to the Smokehouse Cafe at The Poacher's Pantry out between Hall and Murrumbateman. For just over three hours we worked through a three course banquet; smoked meats, breads and dips for entree, a choice of a main (I went with the smoked lamb cutlets, pan roasted with rosemary, smoked garlic, mushrooms and eschallots, served on mash potato) and a creme caramel with honey for dessert. All of that was combined with bottles of Wily Trout Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc which were all good. We drank to all of the birthday people there (Em, Cath and I) and to those far far away (Katamarina is still topside). We stuffed ourselves to the point of bursting and loved every moment of it. The food is well worth the drive out of town. I didn't need dinner tonight.

Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry
Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry
Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry
Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry Birthday Lunch at Poacher's Pantry

Over lunch we joked that Em & Tatts should have a Star Wars themed wedding in February. When I got home, I went through the John Williams tracks I have & put together what I thought was a suitable soundtrack for such an event:
- Bridal March: The Throne Room from Star Wars; then
- Reception: Cantina Band and Cantina Band #2 from Star Wars, Lapti Nek from Return of the Jedi, Meco's disco Star Wars Theme and finishing up with Ewok Celebration (aka Nub-Nub in my gang) from Return of the Jedi.

I need so much more practice with Photoshop. Trying to match the skin tone of Em's face with the rest of the body was a bit beyond my current skills. I'm pretty happy with 'Tatts Solo' though.

Birthday Forecast

Tomorrow I get cake at work (Nik bakes for the team birthdays) and tomorrow night I'll have pizza & a beer or two as part of the low-key gift opening ceremony down in The Burrow. Hopefully those who weren't able to make other parts of the festival will be able to drop by.

Birthday Update

So we gathered down in the burrow for pizza, beer and gift opening. I got a Magic Cube paperweight from Mum, a portait and wool thermal top from Dad and some posters, a beanie and jumper from one of my sisters.

I went to JB at lunch to treat myself. I wanted Motown Remixed and The Dana Owens Album but, when they weren't available, walked out with the latest Hottest 100, Like a Version, Verve Remixed 2, the score for Revenge of the Sith and Gorillaz Demon Days.

And once all of that was taken care of, the lights went out and a candle-covered cake came out! And it was a dinosaur cake! I haven't had a theme cake since I was a kid. Very cool.

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