Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ye Olde Linke Logge

Taking things back to the olde days; nothing but links to stuff thou mightst consider worthy of interest (I know I do):

Beyond Broadcast - TV when you want.

Carless and Loving It - Amen good people!

Short Aussie film - for everyone but T-bone.

Board Games 2.0 - At home with mates or multiplayer online.

bCode lets you shout a round by sms - Isn't phone generated debt getting bad enough already?

Posted by Dean @ 9/12/2006 07:52:00 pm

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so true on the car-free front. we would probably get down to london more if we did have one, but the AUD 2.40/L petrol makes us glad that we dont :-)

also, daily cycle commuting is a necessary offset to a lifestyle that features many pints of ale.

Posted by Blogger c @ Monday, September 18, 2006 9:49:00 pm #
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