Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Farewell Electric Shadows, Welcome Dendy

Tonight the Electric Shadows cinema will screen its last film ever. I'll have good memories of the place; sure the seats were cramped and I had a few dud dates there, but there were so many great films to see. Tomorrow the crew of the new Dendy Canberra will fire up their projectors and take the baton of showing Canberra the more interesting film fare. Electric Shadows' Andrew Pike gave the new cinemas his blessing in his last ever ES email newsletter today:

"Dendy have really done us proud: I had a tour of the new cinemas earlier today and they are fabulous: very spacious and stylish, with high ceilings, big screens (even in the smallest auditorium), and large comfortable seats with ample leg-room. I'd like to thank Mark Sarfaty and Egidio Rodriguez from the Dendy head-office in Sydney, and especially Adam Mara, their new local manager, and wish them all the best for the future."

Over the weekend I had a short email conversation with Adam Mara about tomorrow's opening and the long overdue premium offerings. It's going to be a low-key month & a bit; there won't be any big opening events until February. Dendy's answer to Gold Class and La Premiere - neither of which are available to Canberrans - is called the Premium Lounge and will be open from December 21st. Hopefully this'll prompt Greater Union and Hoyts to step up and upgrade a couple of their cinemas, because Gold Class is the way big movies should be seen.

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