Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Wed 2 May 07 - 0935z

Tuesday was pretty busy. Still waiting for my soul to catch up, I got around on the tube and national rail. Impessed that the locals don't seem to mind the ear-popping pressure changes as the trains shoot in & out of the tunnels.

The afternoon was spent on foot around Westminster. Wandered through Trafalgar Square, Soho and Covent Garden markets. Found an awesome cool bookshop called Magma Books that's on a street full of t-shirt vendors. Found a sneaker shop, but no Jordan VIIs (hope to have better luck stateside). Grabbed a half pint in a Youngs pub on my colleagues insistance. Warm and flat; no wonder they love Fosters.

Crashed out relatively early in another attempt to kick the jetlag. Still not sure I'm 100% over it.

Today's objectives:
1. British Museum
2. Globe Theatre
3. Music shops on Oxford St
4. Check out the TKTS booth & see what shows have tickets going cheap. (Emma and Ash - you both need to know that Don Johnson is doing Guys & Dolls here. )
4. Might head up to Oxford this afternoon to see Zilla & Suzy.

Wearing my Spitfires T in honour of Liverpool's victory.


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