Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Eight Problems with the Australian Clean Feed Proposal

[Dropped this as a comment to my previous post, but thought it worthy of its own in retrospect]

An update from Mark Newton, featuring the 8 key problems with the Clean Feed proposal:

1. No problem to solve,
2. no public demand to solve it,
3. Government's proposed solutions won't work,
4. even if they worked they're unreliable,
5. even if they were reliable they're too expensive,
6. even if they were affordable they'll be implemented by the same class of scope-creeping bureaucrats who decided Mr. Haneef was a terrorist,
7. even if they could be implemented perfectly the blacklist would leak, and
8. when a perfect blacklist leaks it'll enable child exploitation all over the planet, with the direct assistance of the Commonwealth of Australia and Senator Stephen Conroy.

Lots of ifs there that the gov need to sort out.


Posted by Dean @ 11/04/2008 07:13:00 pm

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