Sunday, October 14, 2001

The morning after the night before

Huge party. Family and friends converged on the house at around 1930. All is well until most of the good beer is drunk by the underage kids; they'll suffer enough in the morning. Cousin reveals to assembled masses his affection for spanking. Most people have crashed by 0200, stragglers gone by 0230.

Awake at 0630, back to sleep, then up at 0900. Up to the shops for cooked breakfast supplies; didn't know how many bodies were around the house so got 3kg bacon, 3 dozen eggs, 3 large tins baked beans, 6 onions and a couple of bread loaves. Looks like we'll be having bacon & eggs for at least today & tomorrow.

Posted by Dean @ 10/14/2001 01:50:00 pm

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