Tuesday, October 23, 2001

A short entry today would be best, I think, as I have a killer headache.

A long day at work, at least that's how it felt. Since I've switched jobs I sorta feel like my grasp of english has diminished; my boss & I talk at each other, but somehow the messages aren't being received. I'm having trouble rewiring my brain for the singular database task I now have. I've lost track; I built this thing & it was taken away & snowballed into something completely different & I'm running to catch up. At least they're paying me more.

A few things popped into my head overnight:

A good analogy for memory is sitting on a train facing backwards. You have no idea about what's coming up, then it's next to you (ie a tree) & moving off into the distance & you can look at it & examine it over & over, until it disappears around a corner or over the horizon & you forget about it & move on to the next thing that grabs your attention.

The blogging community is very cliquey (sp). People read yours if you read theirs; link to yours if you do to theirs, but only if it's on the front page seemingly; mentions have to be reciprocal too. I've only been around a little while, so I wonder if I'm seeing a trend that's going to get better or worse.

Oh, and I have a request:

If you're a regular reader (and I know I have a few based on the hit logs) please drop me a note in the guestbook & tell me what keeps you coming back. Is it the links, whether or not you get mentioned, or some distant voyeuristic thing? Do you look forward to being mentioned, or are you anxious about what I might write?

Posted by Dean @ 10/23/2001 06:38:00 pm

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