Thursday, October 18, 2001

Tiring Thursday

Went over to Bridge Rd in Richmond with sis & her bf; it's where all the factory outlets for a lot of clothing companies are.

Nothing there was worth getting, so returned to the city & back out to chadstone to avoid being out in a storm.

May be going out tonight, but doubt it as cousin changes his mind a lot; we were meant to go out tuesday night & that was called off while I was out watching other cousin play touch (they got creamed, Blair from Big Brother is on his team & was one of the better performers on the night).

Only two more days here then back on a train (have to be at Spencer St sometime before 8am!) on sunday. Don't know what's on the plan for tomorrow, but will probably explore the Vic Markets on saturday depending on what the family wants to do.

Oh yeah, got some inside news from Telstra - as of Oct 31 all plans & phones change - if you're thinking of upgrading your phone, do it before then.

Posted by Dean @ 10/18/2001 03:20:00 pm

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