Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Wilderness Wednesday

Up early, waited around to hear Lil John's declaration of war, then off on a train into the city & then a train to the Melbourne Zoo!

- the Yellow & Blu Maccaws who followed my blue hat around the cage
- Bears swimming
- Free-flight aviary
- Japanese garden (mmm...zensational...)

- sleeping animals
- monkeys with only one ass
- monkeys playing with their erections

Will have to go back in a few years once the new elephant environment is complete.

TJ, if you're reading, got a call from Telstra today as my contract is up soon (as is yours); they offered me a new phone. Keep an eye on the mail box, apparently they're sending out letters of offer.

Posted by Dean @ 10/17/2001 05:37:00 pm

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