Sunday, December 23, 2001

Holidays - Day 5

Heading over to Bardon today to visit some rellies who're about to fly over to NZ. Was invitied to The Victory for the afternoon / night, but it's too damn hot & muggy - I just want to float around in the pool.

Holidays - Day 4

Came home, watched The Making of Harry Potter on Fox Kids (a bit different from the normal Making of in that the adult actors spoke as themselves, but all the kids stayed in character) then slept the afternoon and part of the night away.

In the evening went over to Wooloowin for a surprise 21st for an old classmate of one of my sisters & someone I used to "watch over"; a really good guy to hang out with ("wise beyond his years" is a good way to describe him). I use "watch over" because it's more accurate than "babysit"; when D and his younger brother R were finishing primary school / starting high school and their mum wanted to go out they'd come over here or I'd go over to their place & we'd get pizza's & videos so they didn't have to suffer the indignity of having a babysitter who they couldn't/wouldn't talk to, tell them to go to bed early etc etc. Hadn't seen the family in a few years & it was interesting to see everyone grown up & working , at uni etc etc.

D's girlfriend & mum did a top job organising everything; great food and lots to drink. There was a DJ, but hardly anyone dancing; a few girls - young enough to still consider syncronised dancing cool - got up & were working out a dance routine. Picture two girls discussing arm & leg moves and then the younger one giving up and walking away shaking her head when the other stuffs it up for the fifth time. There was also the obligatory "wall of shame fame" with photos, hospital tags and early notes like "WE ARE VEry sorry we have bean bad. How kan we help?".

After the speeches and some more mingling, my sisters, their friends & I headed into town where I met up with some old uni mates at Gilhooley's. I stayed out until around 2; the younger crowd from the 21st was heading into Monastery in the Valley & I bet they didn't get home before dawn.

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