Saturday, January 05, 2002

Holidays - Day 18 - The Finale

Up early to farewell Mum as she was off to work early, then packed up my stuff & sat in front of the box for a few hours before heading to the airport.

The flight was jam packed; fortunately the mega-woman I was placed next to kept her arms folded for the entire flight. I sorta felt sorry for her knees; I'm sure she's got some sort of friction burn from the constant rubbing on the seat in front.

Got back to Canberra ok (the flight was a little turbulent - realised landing is only stalling with timing), got picked up by Dave & Kat and headed home via a couple of bookshops.

Fell asleep watching the "Best Bits of The Late Show" DVD, woke up & headed up to Coles to restock the neglected kitchen.

Two gorgeous women have now entered my room & are about to drag me away to Green Square for dinner. Must go...

Posted by Dean @ 1/05/2002 08:21:00 pm

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