Monday, January 21, 2002


Did I mention the movie-making was called off? Our star neglected to read the fine print on the application paperwork; the videos were due in on the 18th, not the 28th, so WTBN Productions is now looking for a new project.

Spent the day at Central Auctions. I picked up a camera tripod for $20 and a 48cm tv for $30. Kat picked up a tv for $10; so far we've tuned in sbs, Prime and Win, but haven't found the ABC or Ten Capital yet. My tv has some weird marks in the bottom corners of the picture tube, but it's tolerable, and even if it only lasts a few weeks or months it's still only a $30 loss, I'll just go to the auctions again then.

Picked up some movies for the weeks entertainment; watched Swordfish which turned out to be much better than I expected (being a John Travolta pic).

Posted by Dean @ 1/21/2002 07:44:00 pm

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