Wednesday, February 20, 2002

... and so the era of Throbber ends ...

Dave (aka Throbber) departed Canberra to pursue a teaching degree at approximately 4pm today. He was farewelled at Harem Turkish Restaurant last night by a group of six friends and one tag-along.

The last time I saw him was when he dropped Kat & I off at work after our "discussion" over final rent payments, his part of the phone bill and other issues (he tried to take a desk chair from under me last night before dinner - I told him that Kat could have it on the weekend pending me getting a new chair - I was given no notice regarding removal of the only available chair in my apartment for desk use...).

Boldly Go, Watch

Enterprise starts on aussie tv tonight at 1030pm. While not a trekkie, I will watch ST: Voyager, mostly for the cool, detached, forthright Seven of Nine. While I was taking time off work, some friends were good enough to provide me with some avi files of the new series, but I've only watched the pilot episode so far. If you're a trekkie well of course you're going to watch. For anyone else I think the 1030pm timeslot will be enough of a deterrent - sorry Chuckie, I don't think T'Pol beats Seven of Nine.

Ooooh, time for new Simpsons!

Posted by Dean @ 2/20/2002 07:32:00 pm

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