Saturday, February 09, 2002

Friday Night

First stop - North for AWD (after work drinks) organised by Tyson. North used to be Iridium. It was good to catch up with the gang, and it was good to see the K-man on his return from Canada. They all had a few beers, I had a few Lemon, Lime & Bitters. I left the group when they moved on into Civic for dinner and I moved on to a different dinner.

Second stop - Lachlan's birthday dinner at Rasa Somethingorother (a Malaysian place a few doors down from Zephereli's at Dickson). It was pretty good food, and get this, I even managed to use chop-sticks left handed! Afterward we went around the corner to Trinity Bar where everyone continued drinking, and I continued not drinking.

After a while there, five of us jumped into Micks car. We dropped three guys off at The Holy Shazza in Civic and continued on to Kingston. We met up with Lou, Kat, Rach & Ms S at Filthies. Mick left after a light beer, but I stayed on talking to L and wandered home at around 2am.


Even though I was incredibly tired, I forced myself out of bed at about 9.15am. I had things to do. Once dressed I took the one-use camera to the shop to get developed and then met up with L.

We walked up to the print shop at Manuka where I had printed some fliers for the vacant room. We then walked down to serviced-apartment complex where this years graduates were supposed to be staying. After buzzing in to get to reception (damn good security), we were told that I couldn't put up a flier as there were no notice boards in the whole place, but if I wanted to have 70 copies made they'd slip them under the door overnight. I told the front desk woman (plastic faced; looked like she'd put her makeup on with a trowel) I'd just get in touch with them via work.

So it looks like I may have to cover a weeks rent cos I don't think I can get anyone in quick enough. I had one person get in touch via, but when I called him he was very rude and sounded very young and answered the phone with "Yeah?". I said "Is this ...? It's Dean calling about the room". "Yeah. I'm driving, call me back in ten minutes." and he just hung up. I'm not going to call him back; if he's interested enough he's got my number now.

I also had brunch with L, Kat & Chris, and then went home as Greg called & said he was coming around to visit. I hadn't seen Greg in a while so it was really good to catch up with him.

Unfortunately the visit was cut short when my stomach started doing backflips. Dave & Kat think it could be the stomach bug they've had, and I think that it could be that coupled with the disturbance that painkillers give your stomach. Whatever it is, it's the reason I'm in tonight writing this up rather than being at the farewell dinner for Bron, and also missing Adams birthday drinks. I really wanted to see everyone tonight too...

Hand Update

I think the swelling around the digital nerve in my thumb is starting to dissipate. Normally this would be a good thing, but it means that I'm now getting shock-like pains in my thumb with increasing frequency! Like three a minute! Big shocks! My thumb is tingling after each shock! Time for a couple of Panadeine Forte and bed - Oww...

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