Thursday, February 07, 2002

I'm not dead! I'm getting better!

Thankyou all for the messages of support; it doesn't matter how many I get they're all touching.

Was having a hard time with some flashbacks yesterday, so was thankful to be able to spend a few hours with Ms S, LB and her houseguest at the pub. I like hanging out with LB 'cos she's not afraid to tell it like it is & so at the pub it's not all about me, which is nice at the moment.

People keep asking if there's anything they can do:
- if you're a rich American and enjoy reading this site, you could throw some money at getting rid of the ad banner or subscribing me to BloggerPro, cos the Aussie exchange rate ain't so good at the moment.
- everyone else can just act normal, cheers.

Posted by Dean @ 2/07/2002 12:21:00 pm

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