Sunday, February 24, 2002

Just another Saturday night at the pub

I ended up going to the pub at around 10. Caught up with Kat (aka Rita) and Chris (aka Cliff), Olivia, Lou & Richard and Emma. Talked computer games, Fame auditions (Emma & Olivia, not me) and housemate hunting. When Tyson showed up it was time for more Tales from the Golden Fleece and then the hits of the 70's and 80's in pig-vietnamese (ala pig latin). Again the group laughed to the point of tears.

On the pub (for Lou)

This is our backyard. We live in apartments; this is our backyard. We don't play backyard sports, we come here and play urban mind-games, we judge others on how they act and what they say. We're the regulars; we come here to be with our urban family & share triumphs and frustrations. We take the piss within and without. They know what I don't want to talk about or how to push my buttons for a laugh. This is our place; this is our backyard.

- Dean @ Fithly McFaddens, 11pm 23 Feb 2002.

Posted by Dean @ 2/24/2002 09:11:00 am

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