Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Another average day at work. The highlight a walk with James at lunchtime to the Campbell bakery & to catch up.

On the way home I ran into Matt in the IGA. Weeks ago I'd offered him the room Angela is now in, but he chose to stick with the person he'd agreed to househunt with & from all accounts the place they found together, at Griffith I think, is good.

Tonights Must-see Movie, Braveheart, was fantastic. I must be one of the last people around who hadn't seen it yet. The regulars were all away doing other things tonight, so we had myself, TJ, Mick, Olivia & Angela in attendance.

The West Wing was also good tonight - quite funny, but ending on a serious note.
Afterwards I recalled to Olivia how it'd been 6 months ago tonight when Dave & I had been watching TWW, it'd finished and I'd gone to the bathroom while the Nightline intro played and then there was Jim Waley with one burning tower over his shoulder, and I remembered watching, thinking it was a horrible accident, but then realising how unlikely it was that there'd be a flight path directly over New York and having my doubts confirmed when the second jet hit.

I remember text-messaging and calling people. I remember the anxiety in friends voices as they realised they had friends there. I remember Gen working the phones passing on what information she could.

I remember staying up until 3am after watching the towers collapse, waiting to see if the west coast would also be targeted, but then not being able to stay awake. I remember people coming into work late (me included) and nobody questioning anybody, and the increased security and every tv in the building showing CNN muted with the rolling news ticker running.

Where were you? When did you find out? What do you remember?

Posted by Dean @ 3/12/2002 11:52:00 pm

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