Thursday, March 21, 2002

Happy Mabon everyone!

For the last few weeks we've been teasing Ms S about the upcoming Monbulk festival & now it's here! A big Hi to at least the two or three Pagans reading, you know who you are.

Sale time

Hurrah for Kathmandu sales! I'm almost all set for winter; gloves, tops, booties for around the house...

What's in a name?

I've changed to a catchier, easier to remember & refer to name, so if you link to me I'd really appreciate it if you could update your links, cheers.

So you think you're funny?

There's auditions this weekend for a new comedy / parody show happening in Deakin; I'm going to send Tyson along, he'd be great. Hell, I might give it a bash myself...

and finally

Thanks for the endorsement Jem; happy to see I've managed to differentiate myself from the crowd.

Posted by Dean @ 3/21/2002 07:11:00 pm

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