Saturday, March 16, 2002

It's 3:38am and I cannot sleep.

I stayed in this evening; I played on the net (but only for a little bit), I watched tv, channel surfing between ID4, Last Action Hero and one of Angela's Simpsons videos (that're in surround sound - much cooler than the mono crap broadcast by Ten Capital). I went to bed around 11.30, just after seeing the first few stories on the late news on Seven - I hope TJ is ok.

So now I'm up, the street outside is silent, even the ferals in Fraser Court are asleep. I'm thinking about going for a walk to see how Green Square is faring, but I don't know if I can be bothered.

Hmm, here are some things I've come across - let's clear out the "to blog" in-tray...

I read today that researchers have discovererd a link between music and driving style. Will someone do something about doof-doof bass-thumping street-cruising hatchback-homies now?

It's also been reported that "Narcissistic people do not make pleasant colleagues"; no shit. Have I written about the guy at work we call The Pretender? No matter what's happened to you, or anyone else for that matter, he's done it first, bigger, and better. Why doesn't he mention things when he's done 'em? Good question. Full of shit? Quite.

I'm sitting here (it's now 4am) listening to the BBC World Service and I've just heard a piece about a bar in France where stockbrokers go after work. The hook? Waitstaff have PDA's and a computer system analyses drink orders and updates drink prices every four minutes - so if you drink a popular beer you're out for an expensive night. Pretty good incentive to try different beers, saving a few $$. Can't find a link anywhere.

It's now 4.50am, I'm still not tired. Time for tea and vegemite & cheese on toast.

For a long time I've said that critical thinking is absolutely necessary for not getting duped online; there's a lot of stuff on the web (and in usenet, and on gopher sites I'm sure) that's ill-informed, biased, misleading, fraudulent & self-referential. Take note students; reference the 'net at your own peril.

5am - Andy, I tried to call you, but a recorded message said your number was no longer in service - e-mail me your new one pls.

It'll be light soon, might go for a skate.

Back to clearing out the in-tray...

This, from a textual perspective, describes most of my conversations. I think I get it from Mum.

Can someone explain to me what a 'moonie' is?

A yawn! A sweet sign of slumber to come I hope.

It's now 5.28am. Some of you may be wondering what's causing this insomnia. I'm sorry, I cannot provide an explanation. There's no residual angst over work, my home, my friends, a girl (or lack of - to be honest the libido's been MIA ever since that day), or anything like that. I just can't sleep tonight. Normally talkback radio puts me out quick smart, but tonight it's just made me angry. Unthinking intolerant vocal minority (i hope) shits.

Just in: There's been an explosion near the American embassy in Yemen.

My tea and toast has gone cold.

I'm online - if you have messenger come chat with me.

I've reduced the amount of posts on this front page from 14 to 7 days worth of posts (people were telling me the page was taking a while to load - I'm sorry about that). This means that if you're one of my more infrequent visitors & you still want to keep up you have a few options:
a. Visit more often,
b. Subscribe (see top of right-hand bar), or
c. Learn to love the archives.

It's 5.45am.

I've just added Tim Blair, Loobylu, Conflux and Absurdium to the blog bar (over there ->).

If you don't like it, just don't spend your money there. (found via Tim).

It's 6am. I think I should go now.


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