Saturday, March 09, 2002

I've just been to the ANU Coombs Theatre for a screening of Chacotero sentimental: La pelicula, El aka The Sentimental Teaser. Organised by the Chilean embassy, the screening was fundraising for a womens' dental fund (at least that's what was explained to me, I couldn't read the posters as they were all in Spanish).

I've got to say that I went in not knowing what to expect from Chilean cinema and have come away very impressed - the plot, the writing and the cinematography were all excellent.

The film was basically about a radio show in Chile called The Sentimental Teaser to which people would call and tell their stories. The first story was a comedy, the second a shocking drama and the third a sweet love story - they were all linked by cuts back to the DJ talking to the person telling the story.

Before we'd gone into the cinema, Cin was explaining some interesting things about Chilean society; for example, that it was a very classist society and that skin colour played a large part. It was interesting to note that the well-to-do in the first two stories featured fair-skinned people and the last focused on poorer families who showed more Indian features (ie darker borwn skin).

If you ever get a chance to see this film I'd thoroughly recommend it. With only a little background on Chilean society and no Spanish at all I really enjoyed the afternoon.

Posted by Dean @ 3/09/2002 05:50:00 pm

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