Friday, March 29, 2002

Right, where were we

Got up this morning, went for a walk for about an hour and checked my e-mail when I got back. What did I find? Well, apart from the wad of junk mail offering me all sorts of boily enhancements and pictures of celebs and all that crap were some messages from people worried about me. Thanks for the thoughts gang, but I'm fine. The reason I haven't posted for a few days is that I've been too busy; I'm pretty good in fact...


After an average day at work, I raced home, dumped the case and umbrella and jogged up to the IGA to buy food for the evenings dinner for Angela & friends (Angela had just bought a dining table & I offered to cook the first proper sit-down dinner with guests). I got marinated olives, crusty bread and balsamic vinegar for starters, chicken, tofu, veges and garlic & oyster sauce for the stir fry for mains & already had icecream at home for desert. When I got home Ange tells me her friends have pulled out at the last minute; not happy Jan, especially because I had to be absent from something else. I went ahead with dinner as I'd invited Cin and Tyson around, I had a whole lot of food & had already started preparing and cancelling at the last minute is just poor form.

Dinner went really well, but as always, conversation went south at a rapid rate of knots. Next time I'm getting people to bring decent questions for discussion (it's worked before).


I thought it'd be an uphill battle at work, but things seemed to fall into place really easily, probably because of the hard slog of a few weeks ago. It's coming up to report writing time and the boss was getting stressed & thought it'd take ages to get all of the necessary data out of the database, but was quite relieved when I only had to press two buttons to get the info he wanted (I'd spent some time a while back thinking of the necessary reports, designing them & putting a nice easy front end on the whole thing so anyone could use it). I spent the rest of the day making coloured donut charts for others in the team; sometimes technical aptitude is a gift, sometimes a curse.

Mid-afternoon we wandered over to an afternoon tea as a farewell for one of the senior people in the Department. Caught up with a few people and smiled and nodded politely at the other senior people who showed. Back to the cubicle, packed up & left early (like everyone else in Canberra).

Went home, changed, returned a few phonecalls then wandered up the street to Lot 33 to meet up with Kat for a celebratory drink as she found out she got a job she recently interviewed for (Hurrah!). After that we wandered around to Vasco's portugese restaurant where Tyson & I met the challenge that was the meat platter, and then, as always, ended up at Filthys and stayed until about midnight.

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